It’s so wild going back and reading my old blogs and seeing how much I’ve changed. Knowing where I was mentally in that moment writing those words; living in a wavering place of comparison, fear, and confusion. I’m so grateful for the process I’ve gone through to bring me to this very moment of clarity … Continue reading Freedom


This constant push and pull of tuning into my internal sensations as I navigate the unexplained. Traveling on the edge of the unknown is fearful and exhilarating. The benefit of pleasure outweighs the risk involved. Flowing to the edge, spilling over. The crash hurts more than the idea of crashing. The eternal walk of suffering. … Continue reading Edging

Purpose is Pleasure

Is it my purpose to awaken others through this realm of sexuality? This has been my experience that I cannot deny because it has been my existence. I have been offering space to men for their healing journeys through my time with them in the clubs. I have offered loving kindness and have found deep … Continue reading Purpose is Pleasure

Finding Comfort In Pleasure

Dancing has allowed me the space to feel comfortable with my sexuality. Taking this sexuality into the "real" world has not been so easy. The social stigmas and the traditional rules of relationships have shamed me into misunderstanding myself. In the club, I'm able to feel physical, emotional, and mental pleasure, within some law limiting … Continue reading Finding Comfort In Pleasure

The Sexist In Me Is The Sexist In You

For years I have owned the "other's" image of myself that I have created. I'm recognizing more fully how much I actually judge myself. In this conversation with sex and my desire to fully acknowledge my trauma that revolves around it to fully embody a true nurturing human that has tended to her wounds, I … Continue reading The Sexist In Me Is The Sexist In You

Healing Sexual Trauma

Thirty years into this life and I'm discovering there is always room to grow more. Recognizing that not all wounds are from childhood, but many still stem from there. As I continue this life, healing old wounds, I begin to discover there is one wound yet to be tackled at the root. I've looked at … Continue reading Healing Sexual Trauma

Cultivating Courage In The Face of Fear

Honoring fear and doing what needs to be done to come out on the other side as a more balanced, compassionate, loving human soul existing on this planet with billions of others. I've heard so many times how courageous I am and I'm choosing to own it. It's like the little person inside of me … Continue reading Cultivating Courage In The Face of Fear

Initiation Rites

The moment of initiation... The moment I realized I had to walk through the door to the unknown. The moment I found what I had been seeking all along. The moment the deep knowing came to full realization and my wholesome existence came into play. The moment I knew my life would change forever. It’s … Continue reading Initiation Rites