Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are!

Coming out of the dark. Revealing herself through the shadows.  Entering into the mystery she has created. Becoming who she imagined. The person of her dreams. She sees herself. She knows this person well, For she has been there all along. Now standing tall, standing proud. Standing to be witnessed in bright light of the day. … Continue reading Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are!

Universal Truth

From the age of 9, I can remember being looked at as a sexual creature. I was hit on by older men, assuming I was at least 18. Cat calls bombarded me as I'd walk down the street in my saggy pants and beanie-chosen to avoid the hoots and hollers. When I was 12 years old, I … Continue reading Universal Truth

Authentic Relating

Being in a state of authenticity in the club and being responsible for my feelings, and my feelings alone, has allowed me to remove the shackles of shame even further. I’m sinking into a place where pleasure is allowed to exist without guilt and worry that someone else will disapprove. Witnessing myself play and be … Continue reading Authentic Relating

Healing My Inner Masculine Part 2

Looking at all my relationships up until this point in my life, I’m left recognizing patterns and seeing where I’ve made dramatic shifts when new people come into my life. I see the work I’ve been doing, but how is this moment any different than the past? I feel like my life is more full … Continue reading Healing My Inner Masculine Part 2