One Of Those Paradoxes…Boundaries

Where are your boundaries? Do you often question 'where do I begin and where do I end'? I grew up 'open' and didn't realize that my conception of this word and lifestyle was doing more harm that good. My openness fostered an immense amount of empathy that ultimately led me into a trap of debilitating … Continue reading One Of Those Paradoxes…Boundaries

Reflections Of A Partner

It's been a little over a month long journey of a deep exploration of new experiences with the intention of love, adventure, & growth with another human. I was calling in a partner of a lifetime. Someone that I could unite with, someone that I could ascend with. Someone that I could explore the meaning … Continue reading Reflections Of A Partner

Reconnecting To My Inner Beloved

What do you do when you get lost? You stand still. You trust those who love you will find you. I consciously entered someone's flow and got lost. I feel honored and blessed to have guides who find me standing still, welcoming me home, back onto my path that serves my highest Self. After wandering … Continue reading Reconnecting To My Inner Beloved