Healing the Pains of the Past

Healing Pains of the Past Have you ever gotten so upset about something that you cried like you were a child? Kicking and screaming, wailing with your face turning red? Here's another question for you. Have you experienced everything that you've needed to experience from the past? Parents separating, old lovers, falling out of friendships … Continue reading Healing the Pains of the Past

Vulnerability As A Virtue

The Beginning Being a dancer I was conditioned and taught by others to not feel the extent of what I was feelings in my experience. I remember my first day when a woman took me under her wing and showed me the ropes of stripping. She grabbed my arm and dragged me into the VIP … Continue reading Vulnerability As A Virtue

One Thing I Did to Manifest My Beloved.

This is ONE step I took to call in the man of my dreams. You get to create your own manifestation ritual and you can use this as a guide. Who is the The Man I Desire? He’s someone I can trust to open me further to my own depths and while deepening his own inner … Continue reading One Thing I Did to Manifest My Beloved.

Sacred Sexuality

What do you think of when you hear the words Sacred Sexuality? For starters, you don't need to be an expert in tantra, yoga, spirituality, or whatever else comes to mind to practice Sacred Sexuality. I'm neither and none. I have not formally studied tantra, however, my experience and focus in the sexuality realm has … Continue reading Sacred Sexuality


Patterns I'm watching my life play out before me. I am a witness to my healing from the experiences that have impacted my development. I'm watching myself play out my karmic debts. I'm grateful for my awareness so I can begin to shift the context of my life and all that it represents. I can … Continue reading Evolution

Yes, No, Maybe, I Changed My Mind.

All of these are welcome. We get to chose what's best for ourselves. AND we get to celebrate all of our choices without attaching good, bad, right, or wrong to them. Then and only then can we can be free. Conditioning from society, family, friends sometimes keeps us in boxes and makes it challenging to … Continue reading Yes, No, Maybe, I Changed My Mind.