Expressing The Unsaid

In sexual relationships, much can go unsaid between two people.   The pain the fear, the unworthiness conversations can keep people separate from each other. Those feelings breed disconnection and dissatisfaction.   While one partner can be happy the other can be in complete despair and tormented by their partners’ very existence.   The lessons [...]

Body Wisdom & Power

Rest easy my Queens. This body is your home. When we can begin to love our bodies like we do anything else, we are given access to a well of infinite wisdom. Through a lifetime of feeling scared, pushed, manipulated, tormented, abused,  & violated, our bodies sometimes don't know any better and continue to express [...]

Spiritual Friends

Do you hold people high? Or do you keep people small with your stories? Holding people high looks like seeing other people in the best light and in their beauty and divinity. Holding people high looks like committing to your own growth so others can grow along side with you. Holding people small looks like [...]