Fuck Normal Sex, I Want Transcendent Sex.

Damn this shit gets crazy sometimes; knowing when I'm awake and when I'm not, I just can't tell that easily anymore. It all seems to blend together. Luckily, I have the bedroom activities to help me wake the fuck up back to my life. Talking about sex and intimacy is my favorite past time that … Continue reading Fuck Normal Sex, I Want Transcendent Sex.

Reflections Of A Partner

It's been a little over a month long journey of a deep exploration of new experiences with the intention of love, adventure, & growth with another human. I was calling in a partner of a lifetime. Someone that I could unite with, someone that I could ascend with. Someone that I could explore the meaning … Continue reading Reflections Of A Partner

Romantic Love Partnership

I'm asking myself some questions, some I have answers to and some I do not: What does a romantic love partnership mean to me? Intimate, sexual, supportive, safe, loving, and joyful experiences. Can I have multiple romantic partners?  I know the answer to this one is YES. Navigating it is another question. I feel like having … Continue reading Romantic Love Partnership

Reclaiming Sexual Power

  Power Leak A power leak is when there is no focus in the action, thoughts and behaviors. When the cycle of energetic exchange is blocked and nothing beneficial is received in return for the giving of energy. It is a drain on the resource and as humans, we literally have to continue replenishing it … Continue reading Reclaiming Sexual Power

Concomitant Trauma

Causing Trauma This idea of causing my own trauma while embracing a space that perpetuates it for others has been on my mind for a while. I heard a story about a man being traumatized from a situation in which he touched a stripper and she did not guide or correct him to do otherwise. … Continue reading Concomitant Trauma

The Man I Seek Is Within

I’ve been in unfaithful monogamous relationships for all but a few months out of the 10 years I’ve danced. It’s been a time warp of standing still in some areas in life, while growing in others. The same story has been playing over in the club and with boyfriends. My desires are outside of what … Continue reading The Man I Seek Is Within