Reclaiming Sexual Power

  Power Leak A power leak is when there is no focus in the action, thoughts and behaviors. When the cycle of energetic exchange is blocked and nothing beneficial is received in return for the giving of energy. It is a drain on the resource and as humans, we literally have to continue replenishing it … Continue reading Reclaiming Sexual Power

Concomitant Trauma At Work

Causing Trauma I take extreme responsibility for my life. Although other people are part of this experience, I take charge in what it is that I have power to do and say. Working in the strip club has allowed me the opportunity to do the work to find healing and empowerment. This idea of causing … Continue reading Concomitant Trauma At Work

Healing Sexual Trauma

Thirty years into this life and I'm discovering there is always room to grow more. Recognizing that not all wounds are from childhood, but many still stem from there. As I continue this life, healing old wounds, I begin to discover there is one wound yet to be tackled at the root. I've looked at … Continue reading Healing Sexual Trauma

In Transition

Being in this state of transition has prompted many unfoldings of my path. It’s been 10 years since I started dancing. I’m not sure when I decided I was mentally done, but it feels like too long. It’s been a year since I graduated with my BA. It’s been a year since going to Burning … Continue reading In Transition