The Gift of Time

Being a stripper has allowed me so much space and time to nurture my Body, Mind, and Soul. I've been given the gift of time. It is plentiful. There is a continuous stream of opportunity and possibility to do what brings me joy. To be a witness to my emotions and recognize where they come … Continue reading The Gift of Time


It’s so wild going back and reading my old blogs and seeing how much I’ve changed. Knowing where I was mentally in that moment writing those words; living in a wavering place of comparison, fear, and confusion. I’m so grateful for the process I’ve gone through to bring me to this very moment of clarity … Continue reading Freedom

Healing Sexual Trauma

Thirty years into this life and I'm discovering there is always room to grow more. Recognizing that not all wounds are from childhood, but many still stem from there. As I continue this life, healing old wounds, I begin to discover there is one wound yet to be tackled at the root. I've looked at … Continue reading Healing Sexual Trauma

Initiation Rites

The moment of initiation... The moment I realized I had to walk through the door to the unknown. The moment I found what I had been seeking all along. The moment the deep knowing came to full realization and my wholesome existence came into play. The moment I knew my life would change forever. It’s … Continue reading Initiation Rites

Stepping Out

It's been a year of my commitment to leave the strip club and build a business that supports my lifestyle. As it were, my lifestyle has been shifting into a more eco-friendly, sustainable direction. I desire to live off the land and reduce my consumerism ways, so my business planning has been progressive and comes … Continue reading Stepping Out

The Man I Seek Is Within

I’ve been in unfaithful monogamous relationships for all but a few months out of the 10 years I’ve danced. It’s been a time warp of standing still in some areas in life, while growing in others. The same story has been playing over in the club and with boyfriends. My desires are outside of what … Continue reading The Man I Seek Is Within

The Mirror

Speaking through the mirror, gazing upon the other's eyes in the reflection becomes the way of communication. This has shown me the way I am, the way I move, the way I interact. This has reinforced the outer world existence as I observe the outer world incessantly. I rebel and choose to look them in … Continue reading The Mirror

Shame for Sale

All my life, shame has grown around my sexual pleasure. It has compounded in every possible moment until now. I’m 30 and I’m deciding to stop the cycle. I’ve hidden behind it for so long with my expression masked in happiness and confidence. The shame has been this little devil poking my back, and now … Continue reading Shame for Sale