One Thing I Did to Manifest My Beloved.

This is ONE step I took to call in the man of my dreams. You get to create your own manifestation ritual and you can use this as a guide.

Who is the The Man I Desire?

He’s someone I can trust to open me further to my own depths and while deepening his own inner knowledge while guiding us towards a vision beyond ourselves.

I want someone I can surrender to and trust who won’t get lost in the mundaneness of this world.

I want someone devoted to God, the Universe, the bigger picture. Someone who trusts that. The higher purpose, the connection between us all.

I want someone that is a master of their solitude- I want someone to border me, protect me and solute me as we individually do our sacred heart work when we are alone & together, with inner wealth and revelation.

I want someone that is my equal. Someone that recognizes my holiness and sacredness.

Beloved- beloved relationship in which being is centered and focused on deepening sacred relationship to the divine. Prayer and meditation to daily life. Unfoldment can be mutually shared and sacred.

We create our own relationship agreements- abandon hollywood guidelines. Safeguard shadows, do not judge or deny. Protect with unconditional compassion without being mauled or manipulated. Need to understand own shadow to face others without illusion, denial, or repulsion.

I want someone that is committed to many deaths and rebirths. It’s a never ending journey.

I want a man that will engage with me consciously to make me stronger, to serve the planet, have a relationship grounded in God/Goddess/Universe, have a sacred practice that is dedicated to making both more powerful, more reflective, more passionately engaged, with only serious truths of our time. The world is dying and we need a revolution of the heart to empower everyone to step forward and start doing the work of reconstruction and re-creation that is now desperately needed.

I want someone who is oriented towards waking up further and being of service to the world.


L – Love – Let It Fuel Our Every Action
I – Integrity – We Say What We Do and Do What We Say
B – Balance – Achieve Peak Performance By Being Well Balanced In All Areas of Life
E – Energy – Live Positive and Passionate
R – Royalty – Live Powerfully and Wisely, As A Legendary King and Queen
A – Alchemy – Transform Challenges into Gifts
T – Thankfulness – Live With Gratitude
E – Expansion – Always Continue Exploring and Growing


With all my Love,

Aimee ❤

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