Empowered Choice

I choose to live my deepest desires to give love expansively, while surrendering to receive love and releasing the fear of being hurt or hurting another in favor of living in my fullest brilliance. I choose to live my life passionately with purpose to share my gifts with the world; to live in abundance and … Continue reading Empowered Choice

Reclaiming Sexual Power

  Power Leak A power leak is when there is no focus in the action, thoughts and behaviors. When the cycle of energetic exchange is blocked and nothing beneficial is received in return for the giving of energy. It is a drain on the resource and as humans, we literally have to continue replenishing it … Continue reading Reclaiming Sexual Power

Fluctuating Empowerment

I sink in and out of power. I fluctuate from being the victim to being in power. I know¬†that being the victim is not a happy place. I know that I cannot move forward from that space. I know where it will lead. So I consciously choose to be in power. Change it so I … Continue reading Fluctuating Empowerment